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What’s In Your Hair?

I have clients come in all the time with so much build up on their hair. Sometimes I even second guess myself because they come in with a different color blonde than they had when they left my chair 5 weeks before!

The amount of chemicals in our water is no news to any of us these days. I always try to use filtered water when I drink and cook, but I have never thought to ask, “what about my skin and hair?”

Then I found a great new product that has changed the game for me.


I started to notice at the beginning of the summer that my skin always felt like there was a film on it when I got out of the shower. My best efforts in using an organic soap and great shampoos were not helping a bit, I was dry, itchy and never felt fully clean!

So, I did some research. What could I do to fix this problem? I have a well, and a water softener, but still no reward.

Talking with some friends they convinced me to get this little guy for my shower head, and BAM problem solved OVERNIGHT!

I totally installed the filter all on my own in 5 mins.

And I will never go without it. The days that I shower at the gym I can see and feel a difference in my skin and hair, so I prefer to only shower at home now.

If you suffer from and of the following call us and we will hold this filter for you at the desk. It is life changing, only $40 and you need it right away!

· Dry scalp

· Dry skin

· Dull overly oily or dry hair

· Filmy feeling oily feeling skin out of the shower

· Brassy yellow colored hair

· A strong smell of sulfur (egg) in your hair)

I’m not going to go into all the technical reasons why mineral deposits and chemicals can change your hair and skin, but you should trust that if you don’t drink it you may not want to bathe in it either…just saying!

-Jessica Corbett

Salon Owner/Stylist

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