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The future of pedicures is here! Try our new "Waterless Pedicure"

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

"What on earth is a waterless pedicure?! That cannot possibly be relaxing!" We've heard this a lot since introducing our new pedicure, but we promise this service is just as soothing as a classic spa pedicure. Let us walk you through how it works:

Step 1: Sit back and relax in our state of the art, zero gravity massage chair. The chair automatically adjusts to your body and will massage from head to toe while you enjoy a glass of complimentary wine.

Step 2: The nail technician will wrap your feet in hot towels that are infused with European essential oils.

Step 3: After 2-3 minutes the towels are removed and warm booties are placed upon the feet. These booties are "toe-less" so the technician is able to perform the routine nail maintenance. They are removed for the heel work portion of the service.

Step 4: Everyone's favorite part: Time for the lower leg and foot massage!

Step 5: Paraffin is applied and warm booties are placed over the feet.

Step 6: The paraffin is removed and cleaned up, and the technician finishes off the service with a polish application!

All in all the waterless pedicure takes approximately 90 minutes, including dry time. They are a great option for our diabetic clients, and also save a ton of water making them more eco-friendly. One more added bonus- longer lasting polish! Click the "Book Now" link to try your first waterless pedicure and receive $10 off during the month of February!

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