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Clean Up Your Hair and Skin Care in 2020

We often think about our health at New Years, but self-care goes much deeper than just food and exercise. The stress that we put on our bodies can cause huge hormonal and health care risks.

There are several ways to clean up your health this year, here are a few things you can stay focused on:

1. Clean out that makeup bag. Focus on safe mineral makeup such as Jane Iredale Glow Time foundation, a great added benefit of this product is that it has SPF 25. ($50)

2. Massage and stretching. Maybe you have not taken time to focus on rest or relaxing, or maybe you need to work on mobility and flexibility. Try a Thai massage or a relaxing Swedish massage once a month to reduce stress and improve circulation. (60 mins starts at $80)

3. Feet and hands. Often, we forget the job that our feet and hands do for us every day. What would we do without them? Manicures are more than just pretty nails. We focus on stretching the hand muscles and creating length in the wrist and finger joints. For those toes and heels.... we truly need extra moisture and exfoliation after wearing heavy shoes and thick socks during the winter months.

We have packages for pedicures that can keep you on track (Buy 5 Get 1 Free $275)

4. Lastly don’t forget about that scalp. Often, we overlook that dry scalp and forget to hydrate. It's skin just like any other, avoid harsh shampoos and over washing. Try Kevin Murphy Maxi Wash and Balancing Wash to keep things calm during the dry cold months. ($40)

Eat well, be well and take care of all of yourself in 2020!

-Jessica Corbett

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